House rules

TRACK // Only riders having paid the appropriate entry fee for their category are granted access to the circuit.

TRACK // Categories are being defined in accordance with the cylinder power and the type of motorbike.
For example: An experienced 85 cc rider is not allowed in the 125 cc and up category.

HOURLY SLOTS // The hourly slots on Wednesdays are different to the slots on Saturdays. Please respect these slots and make sure you get acquainted with the times.

TRAFFIC // Traffic from and to the circuit, and on the parking, will happen with due care. The speed is limited to 10 km/hr.

PARKING // The parking is situated at the front end of the grass area. No parking is allowed behind the buildings.

PARKING // The parking is no race circuit, only traffic from and to the circuit is allowed here. RACING ON THE PARKING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

CHILDREN'S TRACK // The children’s track is reserved for the youngest beginners, please abide by this rule. Any violation can be sanctioned.

NOISE // Noise control regulations set the noise limit to 96 dB, all necessary checks are possible on the circuit.

SAFETY // Riders are requested not to park on the circuit, apt parking space is provided.

SAFETY // Spectators are requested not to step on the circuit whilst training is taking place.

GOGGLES // " Tear-Off " goggles are forbidden to use on the track.

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INSURANCE // The entry fee does not include any insurance! Any case of theft, accident or damage is to be claimed via private insurance. We advise all riders to take out an insurance against theft and/or accidents.

PROTECTION // All riders need to wear full protection in the form of a racing kit, as in:

  • helmet
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • body protection
  • boots
  • racing clothing

ABILITY // All riders need to be physically fit for this sport.

RIGHTS // Authorized members of the personnel retain the right to:

  • Change or cancel a training session at any point
  • Deny access to a rider for any reason (insufficient protection, bad exhaust, inability...)

RIGHTS // Any instructions ruled by the organisers, security or authorised personnel have to be respected and abided by!

Any violation can be sanctioned.