expert circuit

motors starting 125cc ( experts / starters ) € 13
motors 50cc - 65cc - 80cc - 85cc € 11
quads and side-cars vanaf 125cc € 13
quads 50cc - 65cc - 80cc - 85cc € 11
dirtbike / pitbike € 11


50cc - 65ccc - mini quads € 5


All rates are valid for a full afternoon. All heats in a certain category are included in the fee.

We do not rent equipment or motorized vehicles.

The entry fee does not include any insurance! Any case of theft, accident or damage is to be claimed via private insurance. We advise all riders to take out an insurance against theft and/or accidents.


Quads and side-cars are allowed on Saturdays.
Special 20 minutes heats are organised, dedicated for quad and side-car riders.

Since the track is fully re-pointed weekly, the 1.8 km long circuit is fully fit for 4 wheel riders.
Please note: Renew your exhaust timely, especially the 4-stroke quad bikes and 4-stroke side-cars!

Did you know ZWAANHOF is one of the few circuits allowing quads and side-cars?